Sunday, September 19, 2010

Event Updates

At the moment we are working on options for providing meals. We are committed to give as much as we can and of the better quality. That means, we're attempting to offer vegetarian lunches on Saturday and Sunday (most likely a buffet style on Sunday), made with local produced organic vegies. We would also love to have local produce fruit and organic milk for morning and afternoon tea on Saturday and Sunday. Our ability to provide this, depends on how much people we get registered by the 31st of October. Ideally, the 18th of October will give us a clearer picture to manage our budget. If we don't get the numbers we need to afford these expenses, we would still provide meals and morning/afternoon tea. However, we won't be able to ensure local produce organic ingredients.

Also, the event will start on Friday from between 3pm and 5pm, to give workers a chance to leave their offices earlier but not miss the whole day. And Depending on when we start, we might finish between 7pm and 9pm. At the moment we don't plan to cater for this afternoon/evening because the event was initially planned to be a 2 days workshop, not 3 days Symposium and Open Space Forum. Thus, we suggest potential attendants to bring you own food on Friday.

Apparently some people feel this effort is hypocrite due to the participation fee. I strongly suggest to read our "about us" page on the blog to find out our motivations behind these charges. And also invite you to consider the length of the event, with its implications, and level of commitment we have to  make of this event something worth attending to. The "changing the economic dream - event" page on our blog has more info about what you can expect and bring to the weekend.

To reduce waste and avoid incurring in further expenses, we ask participants to bring your own 'mess kit' for the entire weekend.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

Kindest Regards

Tatiana Maya
The New Economics for Humanity

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