Personal Business Model


Here is where you should be able to understand the whole concept. I'm striving to make all the information public so that, if it is helpful, you can use it for your own purposes. Please know that the canvas is changing continuously.

My Vision:

I see myself being able to do all the things I want to do to create the most beautiful world my heart tells me is possible without being restricted by money. I see myself being able to do it for free, for anybody and anywhere. People, if in gratitude, would have options to offer me a gift of theirs. They can choose to concede me a wish from my wish list, or they can give me anything they want, directly or indirectly by giving to others even if I don't know them. I imagine millions and millions of people, everybody, being able to do the same and have the same benefits. Humanity would be able to live in harmony with all life on earth, including each other, in the same way that everything within our bodies does with the body itself. What I see in the future is a world where people create businesses based on the intrinsic motivation to be their best in every aspect of their lives. Where money is not a limitation, where the interconnectedness of life is evident in the way we conduct and create businesses. I see a complete reconfiguration of the economy, a world of peace, where everybody has a voice, a saying, an opinion and they have the right to express it and not being judged, I see a world where our businesses help to understand, forgive, love and heal our "criminals", where we forgive ourselves for holding back on all our potential for goodness. Our businesses offer the options for anybody to act from their hearts and with passion, they allow us to help and love unconditionally any fellow human. Our businesses are the result of personal relationships where there is deep understanding of the needs of the local community and relationship with the global one. 


  • Whatever you think you'd love to do, it must 1) be encapsulated by the desire to create the most beautiful world you heart tells you is possible, and 2) be created without expectations of monetary contributions, they are accepted if available but not a prerequisite for action. 
  • To set a common entrepreneurial and business language and structure you may make yourself familiar with the following books: "The Startup Owners' Manual". Business Model Generation (BMG), Business Model You (BMY) and Sacred Economics. All 4 books are related but their approach is complementary, to have a bigger understanding, one should read them all and I'd start by Sacred Economics.
Scrolling over the canvas will zoom it in and out. Putting your mouse on the items will give you immediate information. Clicking on the dialogue "clouds" will give you access to the comments (although they don't seem to be working in the embedded version). Clicking, holding on the canvas and moving it around, will allow you to explore the building blocks that don't appear in the first view. I'd suggest to click on "view" to be able to interact better with it.

Draft Product (offer) Brief
Canvas Report (ongoing testing)

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