Tuesday, November 16, 2010

At the verge of a heart attack!!! but a good one!!

I just feel that I can't keep up with all the information that emerges about new ways to do things. I don't want to be judgmental, but it does seem to me that if we don't wake up, we will be left behind. 

Many people, from all religious and spiritual backgrounds and whether they believe on the story they hear of or not, seem to be worried about what will happen to the world in the next couple of years. On the one hand, even those who don't believe in the story of 2012, have something to fear about it. We see the news about the environmental, social and economic crisis slapping us on the face every single day...and we are trying to find a place to hide when the day comes....but the more I avoid the bad news, the more good ones I get and I find myself continuously asking...will it really be that bad??

Well I do not think so. I must admit I do not know where to start from because I find myself surrounded by endless possibilities of a new, great world to live on!!! Many of us don't see it because we are too busy trying to protect ourselves from the old paradigms. We don't see it because we are too scared of jumping and try something new...but what is emerging now is just that: Amazingly, absolutely, completely, entirely new, new from the very base of the structure. 

So if you do believe in the stories that tell you that the end of the world is around the corner, I would like to share my vision about it with you: The end of the selfish world, the end of the over-competitive world, the end of the all-for-the-money world, the end of hierarchical world, the end of the rich and the poor, the end of social injustice, the end of our disconnection from nature, the end of our disconnection with ourselves, our bodies, the food we eat, the end of our lack of compassion for others and ourselves, the end of our lack of forgiveness  of others and ourselves, the end of meaningless jobs, the end of the absurd pursuit of money to gain temporary happiness, the end of poisoning food and poisoning 'medicine', the end of the world of fear....the end of that world is around the corner. 

"And what about all the suffering, chaos and killing bit of the prophecies??" you may ask...well, I have two things to say about it. 1) At a collective level, do you need more suffering in this world??? Do you need more killing??? Is this not enough chaos??? How much more do you need to see to think that the world is in crisis and suffering?? and 2) at the personal level, the suffering and the chaos may happen to you if you refuse to let go of your old ideological and material attachments (and I'm not talking about "you have to be poor to be saved"), if you refuse to admit that something new is coming, if you refuse to let go of your ambition for power over people instead of aiming at power with people. If you keep your fears about sharing what you know, if you keep thinking that what you have and what you know must be kept for you and you only, and maybe for your children. If you keep thinking that money is the key to heaven, what keeps you alive, what feeds you, what makes you get up every morning, and what you need in this world to survive; Then you will suffer, because what is coming is about the complete opposite. 

So what made me write this was the discovery of the book "UnMarketing: Stop marketing. Start Engaging" by Scott Stratten, "Brains on Fire: Igniting powerful, sustainable, word of mouth movements" by various authors, look it up at Amazon, "Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone is connected. Connect your business to everyone" By Mitch Joel. Also, looking at suggestions made by email or skype I found "The Mesh: Why the future of Business is Sharing?" by Lisa Gansky. Obviously I haven't read them yet, but a quick look at what's available in Amazon, plus reading the reviews, excites me....

So...there you are, and there is another myriad of books and things happening: http://meshing.it/

Enjoy the end of the world!!!

Tatiana Maya

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