Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Banks as Social Enterprises??

Few days ago I was reading 'The End of Money and the Future of Civilization' by Thomas Greco. During one of those breaks to digest what I was thinking and to allow my imagination to fly and create the future, I had what was apparently the most exciting 'aha' moment I have ever had. Somehow the words I read on Venessa Miemis' blog came back to my mind where she said something like "What I do and what I have reflects what I am and what I believe in....a bank does not reflect anything of what I am" (that is the interpretation I can recall now). And the 'aha' moment was: How about creating a bank that does reflect what we believe in???

I really believe that this is one of the businesses that have to be born in the creation of the new economy. Banks who support the transition to localization, incorporate the use of complementary currencies, that are owned by either the workers and/or their investors. Actually, banks who are created by the citizens, like you and like me.

I have lots of ideas and already wrote down the main ones. But I need to reword the document and take sometime to let the idea settle down, read it again and think about it once more. For now, the general purpose I have with this post is to make public my intentions for 2011: I would like to openly, cooperatively and collaboratively build a business model for this financial institution and the document for a pilot project. I am not an economist nor do I know much about finance, investment and so on, but I think that it would be useful if a higher percentage of the general public learns about these topics. Therefore, my first step is to present my idea more clearly and invite people to build this project.

Especially for those of us who are wondering how to make a living by innovating in the creation of currencies, I believe that this is a great potential and a way to accelerate the process towards building the new economy.

I hope to have the bigger picture of this idea available for public reading very soon.

Tatiana Maya

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