Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome to my World: The End

The last post of the series...I am actually pretty impressed of myself. I knew I was committed, but this was the confirmation of the confirmation. This post is about lessons learned from writing this series and about some hypothesis I came to.

  • Knowing that I had to have a post every Monday was both good and mentally exhausting. It was good because I organized my time to get it done. I can't set a particular time every single day, but I just knew I had to take the time to do it. The general trait was that I started to write a post during the week, edit it and complement it on the previous Sunday at night, and then re-read it on Monday and publish it. It gave me some sense of what I could and could not do. I also learned that the first writing is never the final one. There are about 5 draft posts saved that were completely different to the final versions of what went public. It was good to realize that ideas can fluctuate everywhere. A couple of weeks I got anxious because it was Saturday night and I didn't have my ideas articulated into an understandable stream of words. That was exhausting when it happened, the anxiety that it provokes is energy draining. For no real reason to be honest, in the end, I had a post that reflected where I was at, so it was always a honest post, even when it wasn't what the public was expecting, it was what my brain had been processing for a week. In general, I can't complain, and I got stressed every now and then with no real reason for it. It was my choice.
  • Awesome lesson was that writing down the ideas, whether they go public or not, is really helping me to clarify what I want to do, it is taking me to the deepest source of my motivation, to the point that I have a hypothesis now: When we have an idea, we usually think that it is to help others, it is for the benefits of others, and because we are good people, and we are well intentioned and so on. But that approach, although it is not 'wrong' or incorrect, is just the surface of the matter. It is only the skin of your body, which is good, necessary and useful, but you need to go to the bones of the matter. You need to get to a place where there is nothing else beyond, behind or beside it. You can have many passions, but there is something that comes from very deep inside you, something that causes you either a grate pain or an enormous unconditional state of happiness and peace. The biggest idea may be inspired by what happens around you, or the feeling that urges you to act may be awakened by a situation in your surroundings, but it comes from the strongest feeling within you that, if you solve it, will give you absolute freedom, it comes from a place where you sort of say "I'm not willing to let this happen to me". It sounds selfish, and it is if we approach it from the position of the false self.  In my hypothesis, I argue that if your idea is about how to solve others' problems, then you'll end up patching the hole. And if your motivation is to make money, then you'll just create a hole somewhere else. From the perspective of the 'we are all one' story, then it makes perfect sense because my deepest pain it is also yours, and if I break free of my burden then you will too. But you may want to try yourself. You're passionate about public transport?? What hurts you so much about it. Take your time to explore yourself and if you can, write it down, even if it is just random words. 
  • Even deeper than the motivation leading to the Business Model Generation topic, is the fact that I need to feel connected with humanity again. That's what I need and that's what I would like to offer to others. I discovered that at a workshop I attended last week, which I'll post about later on. I can't help but say that it was completely out of the box and amazing experience: I need to reconnect with humanity in its pure form, not with the labels we put on humans, but with humans. That is why I am looking for all forms and shapes of localization, it's because I yearn for strong ties and connections around me. I have many passions, but they all attempt to satisfy this need. Not related to the writing process, but related to what I do, which is what this blog is about.
  • Another lesson, Patience!! I don't have to impress anyone, I don't have to demonstrate that I am capable of anything. Yes, I am building relationships of trust but out of honesty. This is not like when you are dating someone, that everything looks so good at the beginning because both parties are trying to impress one another, and then, when there are no more cards left under the arm, reality shows up. This is not that kind of relationship. Patience!! I am learning how to do this thing!! nobody is teaching me, I am not sure where I'll end up going, then don't be too hard on yourself. Bringing ideas from uncertainty to focus takes time, it is a necessary step and if you trust the process, you'll give yourself more room to learn and love it!!. 
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  • Do you remember the image on the introduction?? well things don't look like that anymore. But I must say, this is not that the initial ideas have been completely deleted from the process. The financial institution with its platform for local currency and action, plus the educational program are still related. The workshop is an improved version of the educational program. And it made sense to start there because, one of the main limitations I see within CC communities, is that they struggle to include production of basic needs like food, shelter, energy... So, if this workshop proposition does a good job, communities should be able to re-localize and go through a process of CC and financial system design by themselves, as in, not someone telling them what they need and what sort of system to do what, but them establishing the parameters and let's say, the rules of the designing game. Communities can always consult of course, and outsource product development if needed, but it will be in their hands to say what they want. Me suggesting how the system will work right now, seems a bit too rushed. I need to explore the issue of 'reconnection to humanity' because it may take the project in a slightly different, but most likely better and more exciting direction. That exploration will come soon when I share my workshop amazingly inspiring experience. 
I want to thank all of you who have been part of this process with your comments, emails, conversations via skype, blogs....It is only the first Monday of April and this started in January. I think it has been rather a relatively quick progress, it wouldn't have been so if not because of all the feedback I've had and the friendships I'm building. 

From now on I'm back to 'normal'. As in, I may not have a post every single Monday, or I may write more than one post a week. I'll give myself some room to experiment with time and space.

Big thank you and will keep in touch!!

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