Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Power Shift 2011 Report


We arrived in Australia on Saturday the 8th of October, after semi-recovering from the huge trip, my husband got an email saying that we had got free tickets to this event. So we decided to register and go. Up to that point, I had been completely disconnected from the climate change debate, my motivation to attend was about starting to reconnect not much with the topic as with the city. The event is organized by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, and it was directed to young people so I was interested in finding out what they are thinking, what their world is looking like, how open they really are to new ideas and things like that. We felt more like we could be members of the panel or lectures, rather than attendees…lots of very young people…but it was interesting and fun.

I had thought about sharing the experience through these posts, and then my husband suggested that we should create a report, so since we attended different workshops, I invited him to share his experience to complement mine. Here we are.

This was an event mostly about getting young people to act about climate change, providing us with different sets of skills and offering an interesting group of speakers, from school leaders to businessmen and politicians. More about what Powershift is can be found here.

Thanks to the Aboriginal people who welcomed us to the land…it always brings me tears to listen to the love with which they refer to people, earth, the land and nature, forgive us for all the disruption we’ve caused and embrace the possibility of peace and oneness of the two so different cultures.

This post will be updated with the links to access the reports on the specific workshops. Please accept my apologies if that means every time I make changes you'll be notified. 

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