Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Share or Die" contest

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Today I want to ask for 10 minutes of your time. I entered the Share or Die Contest with a story of sharing that I named "And Sacred Productivity was born!!". The link will take you to the actual site for the story. However, I am sharing the story here so that it can be shared to other non English speakers. Public votes are a big factor for stories to win. The prize is $1000 dollars to the participating sharing business of my choice or I can also propose where to invest the money. I would like to be able to use it to register a sports foundation through which I will strive to bring up the best version of each human participant through Ultimate Disc for free, or rather, as a gift. If you like my story, you need to register to vote either via facebook or create a free quick account. Voting closes in one week. Please feel free to share this message around if you think it is worth it.

If you have an extra 5 minutes, you can have a read at the first draft of what I plan to offer through Ultimate Disc here, although there is a new version to the draft coming soon. 

Thank you so much for your time and many blessings to all!!

And Sacred Productivity was born!!

There is a version of me that forgives everybody and everything, that loves unconditionally, that doesn't judge people or criticize. This version of me doesn't get stressed with the futile worries of daily life, it cries with the violence, absorbs it and transforms it in light, love and peace. This version of me embraces change and thrives in it, breaths calmness and peace, lives in the art of 100% unconditional giving and accepts and receives love in its many shapes. That version of me is most of the time covered by my usual me. I found it only deep within my heart, it speaks to me everyday and often I choose to ignore it and pretend is just my imagination. What my sharing experience brought to me was one of the most valuable insights I've ever had and led me to commit to the most challenging promise I've ever made: From now on, everything I do will be offered to that which allows the best version of me to exist.

Through Couchsurfing, we had a couple of travelers making use of bits and pieces of our house for three weeks while they were working at a mandarin farm. They lived in their self-contained van in our parking spot. In the end it felt like we were saying good bye to close friends. The relationship that developed was invaluable and there were tangible gifts and exchanges while they stayed here which made all part of the beautiful experience. However, the biggest impact they had in my life was through their job.

At this mandarin farm the boy was a picker. Paid AUD$50 per trolley one day he pushed himself to exhaustion to get 4 trolleys full and he never did it again. Another day, he and some others were asked to pick from a row of trees where the fruit was so high and cold they would only have made one trolley for the day...they refused to do it and were moved to a different row. Packing girls sort mandarins 8 hours a day without being allowed social interaction other than in their legal breaks. Cranky supervisors making sure people were appropriately behaving like machines would walk around all day. The guy would come home with sore and kind of injured hands, everyday he would say to himself that would be the last day he would do it, only to come back the day after and make himself the same promise. Nobody was allowed to take mandarins day, my girl guest found out that 2 trucks full of mandarins where thrown away every single day, kilos and kilos of mandarins that didn't meet the social criteria for perfect shiny fruit. One little box of those made it to my house thanks to her frustration for so much waste, the world hunger, the environmental consequence, the thought of it happening in every farm, the fact that the farm had previously lied saying that they were juicing mandarins and the fact that they didn't want everybody to know otherwise their business could collapse. This box was of nice and juicy mandarins, not perfect, but nice and juicy. The ones that make it to supermarkets have their skin waxed to add shine and value to the fruit although it only takes 2 minutes to peel them and throw their skin away.

I truly believe that human beings are not on this planet to become machines, nor to force others to become one. For long I have been developing ideas on how to dismantle this false belief, how to create the kind of work where we can fully express the best version of each of us. Often I fall prey of the frustration and lose hope. Sharing my house with this couple brought to me something I was losing, they made my heart yell at me and say "look!! you need to keep going!!! chose me and I'll do it, put it in my hands, I can do it through you...just let me. I can be the best you, I know how, I am the best version of you, much more than what you can imagine".

The result of this call was a new approach to dealing with actions in this world, something I now call Sacred Productivity (SP), which is a kind of productivity that heals doing and being. I am never sure that the 1001 ideas that occur to me are the right ideas or what needs to be done about them. They quite often overwhelm me. I like Charles Einstein's view where both the earthly and the spiritual unite in sacredness, and in my view, they are both part of God's sacredness. I live in this world, I can't help it. Many Christians say that God put each of us here for a reason, that each of us has a purpose to be on the earth. I share that view and SP is my way to discover the purpose God has for me. Every day, I have a list of things I want to do. I print it out and I offer it to God deep in my heart where He knows that I'm only striving to be the best version of me, the best version of me is who God wants me to be... I just don't know what the best version of me does and how it acts in the world, so I offer every action of my day to God. During the day many ideas come, I find interesting info I think I might use, so I capture it all and put it all together in a long list. By the end of the day I review what I did and what I gathered. I offer my entire SP system of ideas and actions to God again looking for guidance as to what tasks to chose for the next day. In the morning I offer my SP system again and review it in case I feel called to add or take things off the "To do" list. It has been an amazing journey however short so far. I hope I can share the fruits of this kind of doing with the world.

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