Friday, November 25, 2011

Building the virtual room: Environment

The guide I followed suggests me to include 3 categories of the environment: people, place and tools and
additionally, recommends to think about 5 functions of those tools: Aggregate, organize, collaborate, connect and create.

I found it really insightful. Although I rearranged a few things, I managed to keep the advice and realized I have access to quite a lot of people, which means that although I feel that my efforts to reach people are helping me to build relationships with others and myself, the fact tha I wasn't aware of where they were and/or how many options I had was taking me to exhaustion and making me work very innefficiently.

I found mindmapping my environment with this process a very concise way to recognise my virtual room. The prezi is very heavy with words for now but I hope to introduce more images in the future as I assess my room and change things around...a photo frame here, the bookshelf there, some flowers over here...

Well, I think I have my virtual room ready to unpack my boxes of ideas!!! so I'm ready to celebrate!!! Honestly, it feels good to have a virtual room, which is my expression of what I understand by Personal Learning Environment. I feel like I know where I am going but I have the flexibility to change directions if I want to. I definitely recommend you to have one, specially if you are like many people, dealing with tones of information every day and trying to put ideas in place. I also see it as a partial inventory of my online resources...give it a go if you can. I can't stress it enough.

SOOO....CEEEELEBRAAAATION!!! I realized that celebrating on Monday (the 28th of November EAST Aussie time) works best for Aussie based friends, for most friends in other parts of the world the party is happening on Sunday, sorry guys if I wrecked your resting day...lesson learned for the next opportunity to celebrate!!  It just didn't feel right to change the date. If you're coming, please add me to Skype (tatiana.maya.valois) and I'll ad you to the NEH's skype group where the party will happen. I have put in place some instructions to put our pool of tools together, but the first objective of the party, is to party!!! I would love to share with you my excitement for the NEH's first year and virtual room milestone!! PLE's might be a central part of the conversations in the party, but please have some fun!! I'll be on skype most of the day on Monday Aussie time, you can show up at anytime for as long as you want, leave and maybe come back later...oh beautiful internet, we are all locals here, no commuting.

Other big news to celebrate for are that I created a few other blogs: Ultimate Peace and Disc, Love: The Verb and Holy Body!! It is not likely that I'll be posting on them this year, but I wanted to let you know they are there and I think they have a lot to contribute to the NEH's general purpose...well, that is why I created them. And last but not least, we've been relocated to central Queensland, part of our stuff is in Brisbane, some other stuff is in the Sunshine Coast, and some other stuff we need to get from somewhere so moving is gonna be interesting. We have quite a few things to get done before we leave and the Christmas period doesn't really help, so I think that in order to keep my sanity, I won't commit to feed the blog as often. I'll keep working on the NEH of course, that never stops, but the blog will run passive again for until about January I'd think.

Maybe the best way to check on the Cells of the Earth progress is by having a look at the Business  Model Folder in google doc every now and then. here it is: My environment. Talk to you on Monday. If not, talk to you around, if not, merry christmas, happy new year and enjoy life!!.

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