Monday, November 7, 2011

Virtual Room Warming Party!!

Would you be interested in building a pool of ideas and tools – websites, softwares, applications, etc., to communicate, participate and learn with others and from others in the internet?? Would you be interested in exploring, understanding, structuring and sharing what tools you use and how you use them to have a presence on this shared learning accommodation that is the internet??Please come to the NEH’s virtual room warming party!!

When: On Monday the 28th of November, all day.

Where: Skype NEH’s group. Add me (tatiana.maya.valois) and I’ll add you to the group. I hope to build the pool within the event page in the NEH’s facebook page so, if you want, you can join us there too.

Why: To celebrate two things. One, the first anniversary of the New Economics for humanity!! One year ago the NEH presented its first event, and from then, the experience has only been one of learning and living, with its ups and downs but always with purpose. I’m so grateful with you all because, even if you say nothing, your presence in it does have immeasurable value, that’s part of what Creative Communities coined as immediate return economy.  And two, because that day the NEH will have a proper room in this shared learning accommodation that is the internet and I want share it with you. Now, in this room, I will be able to unpack my boxes of ideas and know where they are, where we can find them and how we can use them. 

The story:

In the last series I noticed that it was very likely that my posts were going to be outdated all the time because, by the time I was posting, there was already a new idea to include, replace or update in the business model. So I was thinking, how can I make it in more real time?? That night I couldn’t sleep, literally. I had so many things in my head, I couldn’t switch my brain off. It felt like only for ten minutes I wasn’t thinking and fell asleep, but then a cow was biting my waist in my dream so I jumped and was awake again.

I realized in that long thinking session, that I have so many ideas to unload from my brain but I don’t know where to put them.  Like when you’re moving into a new place and you have the floor full of boxes?? That everything is messy and while you get organized you don’t really know where things are?? Well, to build on that analogy, I feel like I’ve been living for far too long without unpacking my mental boxes into this virtual space.  In physical life, my home is a learning place, is like my own Uni, and I like to know where things are and where I can go for info I’ve been storing. So I have to do the same in this virtual space. I see the internet as a shared accommodation, a virtual common learning space, it is there but I have no room for myself and I have my boxes all in one corner. So I’ll do that, I’ll build a room and furnish it so I can unpack my boxes.

You my dear virtual housemates, feel free to come by and have a cup of tea anytime. I’d love if you come and cheer me up!! The “about” page will have the blueprint of the room, which is the Prezi at the bottom. Simultaneously, I’ll be working on the business project, which I see as a learning subject or program and I’ve named it “Cells of the Earth”. I’ve assigned a page in the blog dedicate to it, think of it as a folder in your office or study room.  What you see there is a business model canvas, is like the overview of the program, the first page in the folder. It gives you a general idea of it. Within it, if you place the mouse over the items, it should display details of each item in the canvas. 

Both the prezi and the canvas are at a very early stage, or in other words, almost empty. But that’s the thing!! You’ll be able to see the progress as I work on it rather than having access to out of date stories about it. And as I work on it, I will be able to share my experiences in going through it all and be more efficient. What I hope with this is that you can understand me a bit more and know me through my work. By the 28th of November, it should be ready for the next stage and we’ll celebrate for it. This post entry sounds a bit egocentric…a bit too much about me, but it feels like it needs to be that way in order to work better later. I need to sort myself out, I need to be at peace so I can offer peace to the world.

Hey if you ever decide to throw a virtual room warming party, please let me know!!