Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lesson: Learn to set goals

Well, the warming party is over. It was fully enjoyable, I'm glad I have a virtual room. Now that I start a new process after the lessons learnt from the party, having the prezi does make it easier for me to think about goals. I also realized that I will be very busy!! but I can sense how I can become more organized and start working more efficiently.

So, at the time of the party, I thought that instead of having a google document to organize the pool of tools, a mindmap would do the work better and easier to navigate. I gave some instructions on how to build the map here. However, to my surprise, giving instructions was not enough. One of the attendants repeatedly asked why I wanted to get our of the mindmapping process. I tried to explain it many times, but it didn't seem to make a big difference..I wasn't understanding his questions I think. Then, a friend told me this after actually adding info in the map:

"so i (and probably others) want to help you and ourselves by collaborating, but its really difficult to do that if we don't know how and for how long.
Well I need to know what your main goal is for the Virtual Party, how people are supposed to contribute (exactly!) and how long it will take (resources)? But you need to make sure that all these things have a very simple and specific focus, otherwise it all goes haywire.
A leader is the focus machine, he/she ALWAYS refocuses people back toward the vision (or goal)...listen, redirect."
‎"having tools to use does not mean they are going to be used effectively. You still need a clear direction for the outcome, the method, and an idea of the required resources (money or time...)
In one way, it was upsetting to read this feedback because I had read it before in other situations related to the NEH, quite a few times.  But at the same time, it indicates that I am not as close as I thought to be clear to people. So, although I finished the day quite overwhelmed by the whole thing, I gave myself some time to think and rest the ideas, and here I am again. Quite timely, last week I borrowed "The Inner Game of Work" by Timothy Gallwey from the library which I started to read yesterday afternoon, and additionally and like a miracle, yesterday evening I got given as a gift "Grow your own carrots" by Bob Griffiths and Chris Kaday. I just happened to open Bob's website right now to check I had his name correctly and guess what?? From his website:

"The principle behind the GROW process is rooted in the Inner Game theory developed by Timothy Gallwey...Just as an Inner Game coach guides you by asking questions in order to learn a sport, the exercises and questions on this website will guide you through the stages of GROW in order to reach your Goal. Each of the stages of the process has been designed to focus your awareness on an important aspect of Goal achievement. I would go as far as saying that if you follow GROW carefully and honestly, get good support and put energy and enthusiasm into your efforts, it is hard not to achieve your Goal. You too can have a successful and exciting experience with the process. I wish you the very best."
I don't believe in coincidences. So my focus now is on learning to set goals and achieve them. I see goals like milestones, like steps in the process or even sign posts. Not as something for me to be stuck on. There must be a deep reason why after a year, I haven't been able to be clear when I decide to do something collaboratively and I am determined to work on it. Having said that, I won't work on setting a goal for the virtual room collaborative  mind map right now. Sometimes you have to "murder your darlings". This is one of them. I think that for now, my focus is on finishing the Business Model Folder V.0. 

As I said before, things are a bit hectic for me and my family at this time of the year, so I'm not sure if and how often I'll be posting, but it might be part of the process to achieve that goal that I do post regularly...we'll see. 

So...goals, here I come!!!

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