Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Building the virtual room: Personal

Not as straight forward as I thought. Basically, what I'm after is identifying and building my own Personal Learning Environment (PLE) to become both more efficient and more resilient in what I do. Knowing when and where I store information on internet, how I can access it, how we can collaborate, how to perform at a good pace and keep a balanced life...So reading Michele Martin's blog, I discovered that creating a PLE actually requires some skills and a process that I wasn't aware off. Doing a bit of research, I found this post which I have decided to use as an initial guide. He suggests:

"In order to create and effective personal learning environment you need to recursively go through the following process:
  • Personal:
  •  First figure out who/where you want to be (in 5-10 years time) using a visioning exercise, then try and see who you are now and note the differences.
  • Learning:
  •  In order to get from where you are now to where you want to be, you will have to learn things (skills, knowledge etc), note down what those things are.
  • Environment:
  • Learning is a product of your environment. You can adapt your environment to learn better, without adding effort. Identify ways you can change the environment around you.
  • Habits:
  •  The best way to change your environment is to create good and destroy bad habits. Only way to do this effectively is one at a time and with 30 day trials."
This entry is about the Personal aspects. Does a Prezi give you enough info??

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