Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A story to my grand kids.

I have finally put together a “draft business model” that I can talk about with more confidence. I have a few answers to the “how’s” questions, which I know is quite important for many of you. I have discovered my role and purpose behind this idea. As it happens, I shared that draft with a couple of friends, and got some feedback that generated what I would call my first official iteration. This means that the series of posts I am offering here are already an "old" version of the story. I spent a couple of days with these posts saved as drafts but, there is no value in keeping them for myself and just provide you with the most updated information. It seems it will be hard to keep the blog updated on real time, as the iterations on the business model occur. So I have to say, sorry for that and I'll work on it.

In the process I discovered that to mobilize a team to start this business idea, I needed to have a much clearer picture. Many people told me so, they didn’t see how they could be involved. But been told doesn’t imply immediate understanding.  I am aware that even this might not be enough for many, but I’m very pleased with the work I’m doing and with the journey. You might still not see your role, but I now have a few connection strategies to explore the possibilities.

I'm looking forward to making lots of changes in the way I use the internet as a "personal learning environment" and I'm excited about the possibility to open new projects all having an impact on this one. I see the New Economics for Humanity as an undergraduate program with no graduation date. To understand what a NEH could look like to me, I need to understand a whole range of other topics that I see as key players in this program. So I decided to create a blog for each of these main subjects. I don’t know yet how it will all evolve, and how often I’ll be able to post, maybe others would feel like contributing to those learning spaces, which would make the experience better for all of us. Those blogs will probably be more about developing theories and ideas, and this one would express the material outcomes, or actions emerging from those developments…we shall see.

To mix a bit of the structure of the left brain with the imagination of the right one, I decided to tell you the story I would like to tell my grand kids about what this business did to change our cultural story and how. This is the written version of my “right brain business plan” + BMG canvas. I hope you enjoy it and it sparks some conversations and questions to build a FAQ section, and to start co-evolving the idea. If you find the comments box annoying, please let me know and I’ll switch the view to the traditional one that uses Disqus, or you can also find me in skype (tatiana.maya.valois) and join the NEH’s group.

I decided to give you some space to choose what little chapter to read if there is anything that connects with you immediately, and also in case there are comments related to each specific “chunk” of information, but I would strongly suggest that you read it all so you have a bigger picture of me, the idea and the evolution it's gone through. Here it is.

And just to give you a test of my very first thoughts on this, This series of posts can give you a very good idea. Welcome to my World Series. The most read post on this blog was this one; Welcome to my world: My world I.  I would imagine that it gave readers more food for thought. 

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