Monday, November 28, 2011

(Endless) Party is on!!

Welcome everybody to the NEH's virtual room warming party!! Please come on in.

The general conversations are already happening in the NEH's skype group (add me so I can add you to the group: tatiana.maya.valois). With the first conversations, friends started to introduce themselves and immediately sharing who they are and what they do with website addresses. It was then when I thought "oh...I don't want to miss this info, I want to check you out in the future". So it was a bit evident that the draft document and guide that I put online for us to add our tools in one place, was a bit too simple for the party. It was then we I explored using mindmeister as an option following the same categories I used when building the virtual room environment, which are aggregate, organize, connect, collaborate and create.

So here it is how I see the mindmap working. If you click here, you'll have access and permission to edit the party's mindmap without singing up for an account. There you'll find a node of the NEH's virtual room, or personal learning environment. It may serve as a guide for you to add your own tools and ideas. The aggregate, collaborate, organize, create, places, connect and people (within connect) nodes all have notes that will hopefully help you in the process. Then, after checking the NEH'S room, you can use an existing "You" node or create a new one to share your tools with us. 

Hopefully, the map will tell us if and how different people use same tools for different functions in their learning experience. If you decide to sign up for mindmeister, you can copy and paste your node and create your own mindmap to share (embed) with others. I would like to see the party's map frequently updated, so if you decide to create have and keep your own map, can I ask you to copy and paste it as a node in the party's map?? I think it would be a great source to connect to people, ideas and projects.  Put as much info as you want in your nodes, you can add links to your websites and notes to share contact info. 

I'll be online until 28/11/11  4:30pm EAST Aussie time but please!! keep partying if!! Let's make it an endless party!! I wonder how big a map could mindmeister support. I have a baby and a husband to go back home for. You can come and leave at any time. When you join us, please give us an introduction of yourself, what you do, what brings you here today...anything you want to share. 

If you want a bit of background about the party, here you might find the relevant information: 

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