Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Everything is connected

I am so glad to see the world we have now. When I was 29, a long time ago back in 2011, the world seemed that it was about to collapse. For so long we were obliged to make money in order to live, so much so that we created wars and killed millions of people to grow our economies, our system made it compulsory to destroy nature in order to live. It sounds unthinkable in today’s world but then, destroying life in the name of life was the norm and our economic model played a huge role, if not the biggest after the absence of spirituality, in the world we had then.

Today things are different. I remember when in the midst of what seemed to be the end of the world, lots of people where asking more questions about the planet we were destroying and the goals we had set for that civilization…the conversation grew in amazing proportions and I had the pleasure to participate. I had many passions and interests that were difficult to see as separate. So through the internet, I created my own learning space with blogs. My entire life I struggled to understand why the world was the way it was. At some point I focused on the economic system of the time and created my first blog “The New Economics for Humanity”. As I progressed with the topic, I was also deepening my understanding of my own spiritual journey. The relationship of my actions and intentions with my spiritual life was becoming more and more evident. Then I found an essential function to perform in this lifetime: I discovered my function as a connector.

I believed that most of our planet’s issues had to do with our spiritual emptiness. I believed, and today the world confirms my thoughts of the time, that everything was connected, everything was only one thing.  We couldn’t understand that because we were disconnected from everything and everyone…or so we thought. I felt then, that my deepest desire to do anything I was doing, came out of that feeling of connection. I felt that every expression of life was to the earth, what cells were to each of those expressions. I individually felt like I was a cell of the earth. I thought so many times about my own body, wondering whether it was possible for my cells to deliberately try to kill it. I concluded it wasn’t possible, different cells perform different functions, when in groups they create different aspects of a body; tissues, organs, systems. And all together a body is very complex, so is the earth, but all cells are connected. When something in one part of the body doesn’t feel right, symptoms appear in different ways. And when we treat diseases directed to a particular function in a specific area of the body, more often than not, another problem appears. It just seemed so similar to what I observed was happening on this planet.

The main project I was invested for the NEH, started as a project to create “the banks of the future”. The main purpose was to democratically redistribute official currency, promote the creation of local ones and re-localize economies. Then, an additional aspect entered the game: A lot of people were trying to change the world, but they weren’t getting paid for it, they were getting paid to do the jobs that were destroying their souls and the earth. In the world we had, not being paid was a constraint…for many, it was the biggest constraint to change the world for the better, and it was the biggest source of fear.

The urgency became more urgent. 

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